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The 5 Best Smart Watches You Can Buy In New York Right Now

Do you live in New York and want to stay up-to-date with the latest smartwatches? If so, this blog post is for you! Pick your Smart Watch Series among the best collection.

Here, we’ll discuss the five best smart watches you can buy in New York right now. We’ll talk about their features, prices, and availability, so you can decide which watch is best for your needs. So without further ado, let’s get started and explore the best smart watches in New York!

Apple Smart Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest iteration of Apple’s popular smartwatch. It features a new design with larger screens, more power, and more features than ever before. It also comes with a range of new health trackings features such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, fall detection, and an improved heart rate monitor. 

The watch runs on the latest version of Apple’s watchOS software and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With its sleek design, powerful hardware, and extensive health-tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the top smartwatches you can buy in New York right now. 

Pros Of The Apple Smart Watch Series 4

  • Sleek design 
  • Powerful hardware 
  • Extensive health tracking capabilities 
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Cons Of The Apple Watch Series 4

  • A relatively high price tag 
  • Some features require a subscription 
  • Limited battery life compared to other smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Series

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most popular smart watches in New York. Its sleek and stylish design is designed to fit comfortably on your wrist. The watch is powered by the Tizen operating system, which offers users a variety of features, such as tracking sleep, steps, and heart rate. The Galaxy Watch has a built-in GPS and long battery life, making it great for outdoor activities. 

The watch is also compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing you to stay connected while on the go. With its array of features and functions, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent choice for those looking for a smartwatch that looks good and performs well.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Series

The Fitbit Versa is one of the most popular smart watches on the market and is a great option for those looking to monitor their fitness and health. It has a modern, slim design is available in various colors to fit any style. With a full day battery life and waterproof capabilities, the Versa can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Pros Of Fitbit Versa 

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Ability to track activity and sleep
  • Smart notifications
  • Access to the Fitbit App and Store

Cons of Fitbit Versa

  • Limited third-party app availability
  • Not suitable for swimming or diving
  • No built-in GPS capability
  • No cellular connection

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smart Watch Series

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a great smart watch choice for New York residents needing a device to keep up with their active lifestyle. This device boasts a sleek design, long battery life and a range of features, making it a great choice for those looking for an all-in-one fitness and health-tracking device.

Pros of Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smart Watch Series

  • Comfortable design and lightweight construction 
  • Long battery life lasting up to 7 days
  • Built-in GPS for easy navigation and tracking
  • Step, calorie, and sleep tracking 
  • Includes more than 15 preloaded sports apps
  • Streams music directly to Bluetooth headphones 
  • Allows for full smartphone notifications

Cons of Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smart Watch Series

  • Pricey compared to other devices in the same category 
  • No built-in microphone or camera 
  • Limited compatibility with third-party apps

Ticwatch Pro Smart Watch Series

The Ticwatch Pro is a top-of-the-line smartwatch made by Mobvoi. It is a great option for anyone looking to stay connected while on the go. It features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and runs on the Wear OS by Google platform.

Pros of Ticwatch Pro

  • Voice Assistant: The watch has Google Assistant built-in, allowing users to ask questions and control their phones hands-free. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The watch comes with a heart rate monitor that can track your heart rate during exercise or rest. 
  • Battery Life: The watch has a two-day battery life that lasts even longer with low usage. 
  • GPS: The watch has GPS capabilities to help you stay on track when you’re out and about.

Cons of Ticwatch Pro

  • Price: The Ticwatch Pro is relatively expensive compared to other smartwatches on the market. 
  • Limited Apps: Although it comes with some preloaded apps, the selection is limited. 
  • Water Resistance: The watch is not water-resistant, so it’s unsuitable for swimming or showering.


At Electronics Hype, we have comprehensively reviewed the top five smartwatches currently available in New York. Whether you are looking for a fitness-oriented device such as the Fitbit Versa or the Samsung Galaxy Watch or a more stylish timepiece like the Apple Watch Series 4, you can be sure that you will find a quality smartwatch that suits your needs and budget. Thanks to these reviews, you can make an informed decision and purchase the best smartwatch in New York that fits your lifestyle.