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Top 10 Best Headphones for Mowing Reviewed & Rated in 2023

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You may be wondering why you would need the best headphones for mowing, but the better question is “why not?” Why would something as pleasurable as mowing your lawn on the weekends necessitate protective gear?

It’s primarily because you’re causing irreversible damage to your hearing, despite the fact that you haven’t realised how much damage you’ve done thus far. When you consider how many hours you have spent mowing your lawn over the years, you will realise that you have made a significant dent in the health of your ears.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), being exposed to 85-decibel noises for 8 hours is enough to permanently damage the nerve endings in the inner ear. The worst part is that every 3 decibels above 85 decibels cut the time required to cause damage in half.

This means that only 4 hours of exposure to 88 decibels of noise is required to cause hearing damage. The bad news is that your lawnmower can easily produce 85 decibels of noise, especially if it is a few years old. So, yes, you have been causing significant damage to your hearing for quite some time.

Best Headphones for Mowing Reviews of 2023

1. 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector

Amazon’s Choice

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, 24 dB NRR, Ear protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops


✔NRR of 24 dB

The high-quality speaker on the 3M WorkTunes immediately impressed me. This lawn mowing ear protection features 40mm drivers, which are comparable to many premium headphones on the market today. These do not just work with headphones for me because they are extremely functional.

I also use them when I simply want to listen to my favorite music. I’m also glad that I can listen to music while protecting my hearing because these headphones have an NRR of 24 decibels. This is ideal for driving my ride-on lawnmower.

It’s because they reduce noise levels from around 85 decibels to a very comfortable 61 decibels. This means you can work for longer periods of time without fear of damaging your hearing. It’s also convenient that these headphones are entirely wireless.

2. ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM Digital Hearing Protector

Our Pick

ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM Radio Headphone with Digital Display 2 Pack, Ear Protection Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs, Ultra Comfortable Hearing Protector for Lawn Mowing and Landscaping(Yellow&Gray)


✔Unbelievable Durability
✔User-Friendly Design
✔Distinguished Comfort
✔Ultra Comfortable Hearing Protector

It’s quite impressive to discover that protective headphones like the Zohan EM042 can produce high-quality audio. The speakers are of reasonable size and can reproduce high and mid-tones reasonably well. These headphones also have decent bass production, which isn’t mind-blowing but is more than adequate in my opinion.

The built-in digital radio also contributes to the great sound quality of these Zohan headphones. The nice thing about digital radio is that the broadcast signals are considerably crisper. When I listen to music on the FM band, it sounds like I’m playing an audio CD.

These headphones also have an auxiliary input connection, which allows me to plug them into my smartphone to listen to my playlists when there is nothing worth listening to on the radio.

3. DeWalt DPG15 Safety Earmuff

Our Pick

DeWalt DPG15 Industrial Safety Electronic Hearing Muff


✔Industrial Safety
✔User-Friendly Design
✔Distinguished Comfort
✔Ultra Comfortable Hearing Protector

The Mpow HP102A’s most outstanding feature is its NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 29 decibels. This is the greatest NRR I’ve observed in protected headphones that aren’t noise-canceling. This makes these headphones suitable for use in even the loudest conditions.

The substantial foam padding in the ear cups contributes to the strong NRR of these noise-canceling headphones for mowing grass. The foam is thick but pliable enough to conform to the curve of the ears and form an excellent seal. A thin coating of PU leather is then applied to the foam. This material is both durable and breathable.

All of these characteristics combine to make these headphones exceptionally comfortable and ideal for long periods of usage. I particularly enjoy that you can connect the Bluetooth headphones for outdoor work to a smartphone or an MP3 player using Bluetooth or an aux wire.

4. Honeywell Howard Leight Sync AM/FM Radio Earmuff

Our Pick

Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff (1030390), Bright Yellow/Green


✔Sponge, Plastic
✔Ultra Comfortable Hearing Protector

The sound quality of these headphones is adequate. Although they will not satisfy audiophiles, they will keep you occupied if you just want above-average music quality while working.

The noise-blocking qualities of these lawn mowing headphones with the radio are enhanced by a revolutionary airflow technology. This implies that the ear cups are smaller and lighter than those of other manufacturers, making them extremely pleasant to use.

These headphones also include a built-in digital radio receiver. The digital radio, when combined with the nice-sounding speakers, delivers a pleasant listening experience. Not only is digital radio’s sound quality considerably improved than analog, but I am also relieved that I no longer have to struggle with static.

5. 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector

Popular By Pros

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, Ear protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops


✔Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 24 dB

This hearing protector is similar to the WorkTunes Connect, except it has a built-in digital radio. While working, you will have even more listening alternatives. The good thing is that you won’t have to deal with any irritating cables if you have this item.

When it comes to digital radio, the built-in antenna on these headphones has a good range. I have yet to locate a dead spot in my yard or a location where the radio could not receive a strong enough signal to continue playing.

The huge and hefty controls on this WorkTunes Connect+ headset also excite me. The knobs and buttons are large enough that even while wearing heavy work gloves, I can easily control them.

These safety headphones may also be used as smartphone hands-free headsets. These headphones include an embedded microphone that can filter out background noise, ensuring that every call you make is perfectly clear. Please keep in mind that this feature is only available while the headphones are Bluetooth-connected.

6. ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

Popular By Pros

ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones, 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating, 16+ Hour Battery, IP67 Durability, Noise Cancelling Mic, OSHA Compliant Professional Hearing Protector (Matte Black)


✔OSHA Compliant
✔27 dB Noise Reduction Rating
✔16+ Hour Battery
✔IP67 Durability

Despite their small size, the ISOTunes Pro can efficiently block out a lot of noise. The ISOTunes include memory foam tips that expand when heated, resulting in a good seal within your ear. These OSHA-compliant headphones feature an NRR of 27 decibels, which is greater than the majority of the other protective headphones on our list.

These chainsaw headphones also have the most recent Bluetooth connectivity technology. I appreciate that this earplug headphone can stay linked to my smartphone even when I am more than 30 feet away. This is really convenient because I no longer need to take my phone to work.

7. PROHEAR 033 AM/FM Radio Headphones

Popular By Pros

PROHEAR 033 Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones with FM/AM Radio(Upgraded) & PROHEAR 2-pair Replacement Foam Ear Pads for PROHEAR 033


✔2-pair Replacement Foam Ear Pads

The NRR of the Protea headphones is 25 decibels, which is more than enough for most loud environments. These headphones contain substantial foam cushioning in the ear cups that may filter out a significant amount of ambient noise.

I appreciate the built-in digital radio that comes with the headphones. One of the ear cups features a transparent LCD screen that shows the station frequency and preset number. This makes it simple to search the airways for my favorite AM and FM channels and store them in presets for later use.

Despite their size and weight, these headphones are really pleasant to use and lightweight. The ear cups are encased in thin and breathable PU skin with substantial foam cushioning. This is what allows the device to block the majority of outside noises.

Because of its strong NRR, this headset is suitable for a wide range of applications. These muffs can reduce the noise sufficiently to be useful for hunting, mowing the lawn, watching racing, and working on construction sites, to name a few applications.

8. WULFPOWERPRO FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones

Popular By Pros

FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones Wireless Cancelling Headphones with 4GB Memory Card Built-in Mic Electronic Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs Protection for Lawn Mower Work by WULFPOWERPRO


✔Ear Muffs Protection
✔4GB Memory Card
✔Wireless Cancelling Headphones
✔Reduce 29dB Noise

The Wulfpowerpro protection headphones offer the greatest NRR of those I’ve tried so far, at 29 dB. This level is adequate for jobs such as lawn mowing. It may be used in areas with noise levels of about 100 dB, such as a busy manufacturing floor.

I also like that I can utilize Bluetooth connectivity and the aux input port. When I’m working, I like to utilize Bluetooth since it allows me to move about more easily. It’s because I’m not bothered by cords.

However, when I just want to sit back and listen, I prefer to use the aux connection because it consumes less battery power. These headphones, in addition to playing audio from external devices, have a built-in digital FM radio. I also enjoy that I just have to press one button to search the airwaves for available signals and save them as presets for subsequent use.

9. G & F Products Earmuff Hearing Protection

Amazon’s Choice

G & F Products Earmuff Hearing Protection with Low Profile Passive Folding Design 26Db SNR & Reduces up to 125Db Noise Reduction, For Both Adults & Kids Adjustable Headband, Army Green (13010AG)


✔125Db Noise Reduction
✔Low Profile Passive Folding Design
✔Kids Adjustable Headband
✔Army Green

Because they are true ear protection headphones, they have an NRR of 25 decibels. Although these earmuffs do not have active noise-canceling features, they do provide good passive noise isolation.

When I don’t want to listen to the built-in digital radio, I can still utilize the auxiliary input to plug in my smartphone or MP3 player. I only need to plug one end of the aux wire into the 3.5mm port and the other end into the input jack.

However, I enjoy that these headphones include Bluetooth connectivity. They have a good range (up to 30 feet) before the Bluetooth connection breaks, which is more than adequate. These headphones are also simple to connect to any smart device. All you have to do is push one button.

10. Avantree TC417 & Aria Pro Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Buyer Choice

Avantree TC417 & Aria Pro – aptX Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for TV PC, Certified aptX HD for HiFi Music, Detachable Boom Mic for Clear Calls


✔Detachable Boom Mic
✔Clear Calls
✔Certified aptX HD for HiFi Music
✔aptX Low Latency

The Avantree TC417 offers active noise-canceling capabilities, which distinguishes it from the other Bluetooth headphones on our list. The ANC will emit a canceling sound wave to offset distracting low-frequency disturbances in the background with the flick of a switch.

The thick foam cushioning on the ear cups, on the other hand, handles high-frequency noises. This will immerse you in an almost quiet environment. In addition to the effective ANC, the Avantree TC417includes precision-engineered, high-quality 40mm drivers that provide high-quality sound.

These drivers, when combined with modern Bluetooth CSR technology, may create sound quality equivalent to a cable connection. These are more than simply the greatest mowing headphones. If the headset is attached to your smartphone, there are controls on the ear cups that allow you to answer phone calls.

What are the Best Headphones for Mowing?

To be acceptable for mowing the grass, a protective headset must have at least an NRR that can reduce the amount of noise that reaches your ears. In this case, because lawnmowers may generate up to 85 decibels of noise, the threshold for hearing injury, anything with a rating of at least 20 decibels will suffice.

Fortunately, practically all hearing protection headphones have an average NRR of 25 decibels. The other aspects will fall into place now that hearing protection is provided. These aspects include the headphones’ fit and comfort.

They should be comfy enough that you can easily persuade yourself to wear them every time you start your lawnmower. Another consideration is entertainment. The headphones should be able to do more than merely block out sounds.

They should also be able to play music to make your work experience more enjoyable. This will keep you from becoming bored while working.

How Do Headphones for Mowing Work

Headphones for mowing are used to reduce the quantity of noise that enters the ears to a safe level. According to OSHA, an 8-hour exposure to sounds at 85 decibels is enough to permanently impair a person’s hearing. This is the amount of noise produced by the majority of ride-on mowers.

The majority of these headphones operate on the basis of passive noise isolation. This signifies that the headphones have no active noise-canceling technologies. Passive noise isolation is used to isolate the ears from environmental noise.

Types of Headphones for Mowing

If you categorize headphones based on their form, you will most likely come across two. These are some examples:

Earbuds – These are little earbuds with silicone and memory foam inserts that fit directly into your ears. These function similarly to earplugs. They form a seal right within your ears to prevent excessive noise from entering.

Most of the time, these are more effective at noise cancellation, but at the sacrifice of longevity, since the earbuds normally degrade after about a month of daily usage.

Over-the-ear Headphones – These earphones are larger than earbuds and envelop the ears rather than sealing them up. Thick foam padding fits the curvature of the ears, providing a seal that reduces the amount of noise that reaches them.

This type of hearing protector is popular in cold-weather nations since it may also function as earmuffs. However, in hotter areas, they can become extremely hot.

Why Do You Need Headphones for Cutting Grass

One of the most essential reasons to use headphones when cutting grass is that they will protect you from severe hearing loss later on. You may believe that you are tough for putting up with all of the lawnmower noise from your years-old machine, but the fact is that you are progressively damaging your hearing.

Just 85 decibels over 8 hours is enough to induce irreversible hearing impairment, and every three-decibel rise cuts the period of time in half. This implies that if your old lawnmower produces 88 dB of noise, it only takes 4 hours for irreversible hearing damage to occur.

The even worse news is that hearing loss is irreversible. Once the nerve endings inside your ears have been severely damaged, they can no longer renew or mend themselves. Yes, you can wear hearing aids, but they will never be the same as having normal hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular brands of headphones for mowing grass?

There are several types of headphones available for use when mowing the lawn, but not all of them live up to their claims. However, I have tested quite a few of them over the years, and a few brands stick out from the crowd.
3M, ZOHAN, Mpow, Honeywell, ISOtunes, PROTEA, WULFPOWERPRO, CONNEX, and Avantree are among them.

What are the best noise-cancelling headphones for mowing?

There aren’t many real noise-canceling headphones designed for use in the workplace. It is mostly due to the fact that they would be prohibitively costly and would be short-lived. The majority of the items in this category are just passive noise-canceling. As a result, they must rely on physical barriers to keep noise out.
To put it simply, the finest protective headphones are those with a high NRR (noise reduction rating), are comfortable, and are appropriate for the jobs for which they are purchased.

How to set up and use it?

Other than adjusting the headband to ensure that it fits correctly on your head, there isn’t much to setting up hearing protection headphones. The headband should be snug enough to keep the headphones in place, but not so tight that it causes a headache.
When wearing, make sure the ear cups completely cover your ears. There should be no holes through which background noise can pass. Aside from the fit, you may need to configure the built-in radio by storing your favorite stations to the channel presets, the methods for which may vary depending on the manufacturer (see the owner’s handbook for information).

What is the warranty?

The typical warranty period for hearing protection headphones is roughly 30 days, and it only covers manufacturing problems, not user error. This is why you should put your headphones through their paces within the warranty period so that if they fail, you can get them replaced or get a refund.

Where to buy?

Hearing protection headphones are available from a variety of retailers, including Walmart and Home Depot. However, no matter how huge the store is, there are generally just a dozen or so different kinds of protected headphones, and that’s being generous.
However, if you locate the right pair of hearing protection in a physical store, you may test it before you buy it and wear it right away, no more waiting for delivery.


Even if you just mow your lawn because of the amount of noise your lawnmower makes, you are already inflicting significant harm to your hearing. Experts say that merely 85 decibels over a set number of hours are enough to induce irreversible hearing damage, which is precisely what your lawnmower generates.

You’ve already done a lot of harm. Stop exacerbating the situation and invest in the finest mowing headphones immediately to protect your hearing health. You owe it to yourself to take precautions to safeguard your hearing. Start using protective headphones right away, and your future self will thank you.

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